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Our Easter Holiday

For our Easter week holiday we stayed in a beautiful holiday house down south in Somerset. It was a chance for the family to all stay under one roof & spend some quality time together.
The house slept 12 and was surrounded by beautiful wildlife, a little stream and had an indoor pool. Perfect for those rainy days or just when we all wanted to chill out at the house.
Yummy Hot Cross Buns
Along with a couple of essential Easter goodies we took down with us, we also created our own Easter tree. We ventured out around the house grounds, scavenging. We came across this fabulous little branch & some moss. Attaching some little chocolate eggs & battery powered fairy lights, we took with us, it worked perfectly. It meant the children woke up to an Easter filled house while not being at home. 
Easter Tree
The garden really lent its self to the Easter Egg hunt we created for our little ones. Here's Mollie running to find her next Choccy egg! To help her look for the Eggs, we popped pinwheels around near where the eggs were hidden. 
Mollie running in the Garden to find Eggs
She he collected the eggs in the hessian bag that we purchased from M&S. We've decided as a family to keep it for generations and make it a tradition for our future children & grand children.  
While we were away Katie & her family created a lovely Easter egg hunt for her little ones in their Garden. She used a fabulous little Easter set from Tesco.
Loving these little Easter characters that are from Katie's Easter pack.
Mia with her little paper ears & bag ready to collect the eggs! 
We hope you had a fabulous Easter & had some lovely quality time with your family and friends. 


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