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Our Mission

To give more fun, silliness and a whole lot of laughter into yours and our lives.
Whether it be wrapping that well-deserved gift, to leaving your loved ones a note.
Making a casual get-together more memorable or
adding a personal touch to your Wedding Day while making it look effortless. 
Your story is worth celebrating and we’d love to be part of the Party!

Who is behind Oh La De Dah?

Lauren Barber - Founder & Creative Director of Oh La De Dah Ltd.
As a child, I spent the whole of my school holidays in the South West of France, visiting my Mum who lives out there. Gatherings, Fetes, Dinner Parties, we would attend something most days. An aperitif with neighbours or a Town fete, the presentation of everything would be stunning, a certain je n'sais quois! My mum is a wonderful hostess and has some fabulous friends who are too. From the food to the decor, almost everything was handmade. It was the personal touch and the detail which made it fun and magical. Growing up around this and my love of design, events & craft, it's only natural that I should want to do the same now. 
All grown up now and the age of 30 upon me, my life is surrounded by celebrations big and small. My friends and I are entering an age where we are embarking on making a home, a family and memories to be cherished. Oh La De Dah is a place where I try to capture those events, share them with you and encourage us all to take the time to celebrate and have fun with it.
I couldn’t continue without a little mention of my Rock, Soul mate & Best friend.  Without my boyfriend Lee’s support I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. His job roles are anything from supplying me with nails & a hammer (this girl does her own DIY), heavy lifting, parcel collector and bath runner all with unconditional love. (I know, I am one lucky girl!)
Katie – Finance Director of Oh La De Dah Ltd
Lauren says I am the financial brains behind everything, from tracking down what she spends (not an easy job!) to the fun part of buying and scouting for new products and designs.  As mummy to four little beauties I know all about celebrating life, my wonderful family give me drive, passion and pure indulgent joy.  They are my world and that in itself is worth celebrating.
With a passion for design and my work in organising charitable events I am not as boring as the ‘finance stereotype’ makes out, at the same time I love to bring a mummy’s perspective to our products and DIY ideas.  Lauren and I can find ourselves spending hours bouncing ideas around and we reflect each other’s tastes and passion. 

Oh La De Dah Partners

Our team don’t necessarily work for Oh La De Dah, however without them none of it would be possible.
Frances & Rose
Marianne, owner of Frances & Rose is a very good friend and an excellent florist. Pretty much all the flowers you see in our photos will have been supplied and arranged by Marianne. When asked to produce installations, or decorate events which include floral displays, we will always suggest Frances & Rose. They are reliable, supply beautiful arrangements, specialise in seasonal flowers (which they grow themselves) and we always have a blast working together. 
Rose Press
Nicola & Gav, owners of Rose Press print all our foiled (and soon Letterpress, Eek!) stationery items.  Nicola is a great friend of Lauren’s; they met during a work placement organising Paperfest 2015 with the fabulous Abigail Warner.  Stationery lovers take note of these ladies! Nicola & her husband, Letterpress & Hot Foil in-house and it’s wonderful to support and encourage a technique, which we should never let die.

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